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Some Romanian Fairy Dust and a Lot of Daring

Rose and Basil cafe began to take physical form in 2014 when self-taught chef Ioana Holt sketched two items that best represented her studies of natural ingredients and the beauty intrinsic in food: a rose and a basil leaf. Two years later, Rose and Basil opened it’s doors at 104 East 7th Street, East Village, NYC.
Bridging ’natural’, ‘beautiful’ and ’tasty’, edible flowers adorn brightly colored cakes while assorted spices, herbs, and flavorings embellish chocolate truffles and other desserts. Specialty coffees and cocktails are floral-inspired, while the savory menu has a multitude of past and present influences. The ambiance of the cafe and presentation of food were designed to transport you out of the concrete jungle.

Food That Tells A Story. Every Recipe Is Inspired By A Person In Ioana’s Life.

Growing up in Romania, Ioana identified as ‘cook’ even from the tender age of five, when she would follow Mama Stela – her grandmother – everywhere around the kitchen.


Years later, Ioana was introduced to the art of creating sweets at the birthing place of the famous Mozart Chocolates in the Austrian Alps. She marveled at how sweets heightened our senses and the interplay of flavors, smells and arrangement could provide so much joy.

While on her personal journey, Ioana found that many premixed or popular recipes weren’t predominantly using natural ingredients. Rather refined sugars, over-processed flour, trans fat and artificial flavors were all harming our bodies and the experience of eating.
Ioana set out to not only use the most healthy ingredients, but she also succeed in elevating the flavor, their aesthetic and olfactory aspects. For her, cooking became synonymous with ephemeral works of art.


Whether you need fuel for the day, to hit pause with a drink and a book (or a date), or start your boozy weekend, Rose and Basil will always have fresh flowers, delicious seasonal foods and and Rose and Basil’s famous French bulldog, Chiara, who will gladly join you in a selfie perfect for your next instagram post.

Plenty of Irish Sass and Hard Work

Ben began his New York adventure in 2011 as an associate at JPMorgan Asset Management. Inspired by the young entrepreneurs around him, Ben’s risk-taking spirit drove him to forge his own path in the big city in 2013, co-founding Paul Evans, a luxury men’s footwear company.

Three years later, one week after Rose and Basil’s grand opening, he met Ioana outside the cafe and a connection formed. Fast forward to 2017, Ben officially entered the Rose and Basil family as a co-owner.

Besides being our Marketing and Development Mastermind, Ben is constantly involved in the everyday business and his expertise, creativeness and perfectionism have pushed Rose and Basil from your favorite coffee shop, to your favorite brunch spot and soon to be favorite restaurant!

Ioana And Ben’s Favorites

All our products are inspired by people. Our chef, Ioana designed all the recipes with a person in mind, their personality and their tastes. So each of our house products are special and have their own voice. From the dozens of them, here are a few of Ioana and Ben’s favorites.


Kobe Beef Hotdog

A delicious prime beef hotdog wrapped in melt in your mouth puff dough, served with artisan mustard.

Mama Stela’s Pudding


Inspired by Ioana’s grandma, this decadent dessert is our healthy pancake-substitute for the sweet-tooth breakfast nut.



104 East 7th Street

East Village NY

Monday – Tuesday closed, Wednesday – Thursday 2pm-10pm, Friday 2pm-midnight, Saturday 10am-midnight, Sunday 10am-10pm

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