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Cake order submission

1. If I submit a cake order form, does it mean I placed an order?
All order submissions will be followed by a confirmation email detailing all your order as well as total payment. Only after payment is processed, is an order considered processed.

2. How long in advance do I have to order for delivery?
We can only offer delivery with a 24 hour notice.

3. How long does it take to have an order ready?
Orders submitted before 11am are ready to pick up same day.
Any orders submitted after 5pm will only be ready in 24 to 36 hours from the order placement.

Cake flavor

1. What should I select in the cake form is I want the Rose and Basil cake?
Please select Basil for dough, Rose for buttercream and Rose and Basil mouse for additions.

2. What should I select in the cake form is I want the Lavender and Chocolate cake?
Please select Chocolate for dough, Lavender for buttercream and Lavender and Chocolate mouse for additions.

3. What should I select in the cake form is I want the Fairy cake?
Please select Fairy for dough, Fairy for buttercream.

4. What is your Fairy cake?
The Fairy cake is one of our signature cakes containing an Almond cake with an almond and vanilla buttercream and pastel rainbow decorations.

5. What is the Cannoli cake?
Our Cannoli cake is an almond and rum cake with mascarpone and ricotta cream. It contains almonds.

6. What give floral flavor to your cakes?
We use different infusions to extract the flavor out of different flowers. Our Rose flavored things can contain up to 3-4 different Rose products, from rose petal dust, to rose water. All of our flavors are natural and obtained without chemicals or pesticides.

7. How much does it cost to select additions to my cake after picking my dough and frosting flavors?
One addition per order is included in the price, however any additional addition is charged at $5/addition.

Dietary adaptations

1. What does Regular Cake mean?
Natural and organic wheat flour, milk, butter and eggs are used in the making of this cake.

2. What does Vegan Cake mean?
No animal products are used in the making of this cake. We use cold pressed Canola, Grape seed and Corn oil instead of butter, flax seeds instead of eggs and agar-agar instead of gelatin. Please expect a slightly more robust cake sponge and frosting. For mouse cakes, we will use a coconut cream as substitution for heavy cream.

3. What does Gluten Free cake mean?
No gluten is used in the making of this cake. Animal products are used in the making of this cake. Please expect a slightly heavier cake sponge.

4. What does Vegan and Gluten Free Cake mean?
No animal products or wheat are used in the making of this cake. We use cold pressed Canola, Grape seed and Corn oil instead of butter, flax seeds instead of eggs and agar-agar instead of gelatin. Please expect a slightly more robust, heavier cake sponge and frosting.

5. Is cross contamination possible in your kitchen?
Please be aware that while we take great care in avoiding cross contamination, all our cakes are made in a facility that process wheat, milk and nuts.

6. What’s the difference between rice flour and corn flour?
Please note corn flour results in a denser but moister cake, where rice flour will make a lighter but drier cake.

Cake decor

1. How do I order a cake exactly as I saw it in an Instagram post/Website picture?
First: reference the post date and/or screen shot in an email to One of our fairies will contact you giving you the exact specifications for the cake to be as close as possible to your desired cake. Because we use real flowers, sometimes we will not be able to procure some of the flowers you saw online due to them being out of season. We will inform you of this if such case may occur. In addition for nay decoration specification we charge an additional $15 per specific flowers nad $15 per specific color or gold/silver specifications.

2. Are the flowers you use edible?
Yes, the flowers we use are real edible flowers that have not been treated with any pesticides or other chemicals/dyes.

3. Are the flowers you use for decoration made out of sugar?
No, we only use real flowers for decoration.

4. What is a Whimsical arrangement?
It is a flower arrangement chosen based on our current supply and the aesthetic of your cake.

5. What is Special Decor?
It is a flower arrangement containing specific flowers and colors as per your request.

6. If I pay for Special Decor what can I expect?
Please be aware that while we do our best to provide flowers to your exact description, due to seasonal restrictions sometimes we are unable to. If such is the case we will contact and inform you before finalizing the order.

7. What kind of candles do you offer?
We offer 6-inch birthday candles in various colors.

8. How much does the candles cost?
We charge a flat fee of $5 for 1 to 3 candles. For any additional candle after 3, we charge an additional $1 per candle.

7. Do you write message in buttercream on the cake?
No. Please be aware we don’t write messages in buttercream, but on a decorated parchment piece that is the placed on the cake or on the side, based on your preference.

6. What can I expect from a handwritten message by your staff?
Please note the handwriting we offer is varied and we cannot offer a specific calligraphy style. While we promise it’s going to be pretty, if you’d like a specific handwriting style, please choose no.

General questions

1. Are all your cakes Vegan?
No. You would have to place an order specifically as vegan to be able to purchase a vegan product from us.

2. Are all your cakes Gluten free?
No. You would have to place an order specifically as gluten free to be able to purchase a vegan product from us.

3. Are all your products Organic?
No. About 85% of our products are certified organic and we can, on special request to accommodate a recipe to be all organic.

4. Are all your products GMO free, all natural and without preservatives?
Yes, all our products are GMO free, all natural and do not have preservatives.

5. Can you make a cake larger than the large cake of 12 inches in the cake form?
Yes, all you have to do is select other and tell us the number of slices you need. We can make cakes as big as 1500 slices.

6. Can you make a cake smaller than the small cake of 8 inches in cake form?
No, our smallest custom order is 8 inches.

Delivery or pickup

1. Is delivery included?
No. Please be aware that we charge an additional $25 per delivery anywhere below 60th Street, and $50 between 60th Street and 120th Street.

For Brooklyn, we only deliver in the area inside the green line on the map found in the cake form, and our delivery fee is $65.

We also have an $30 surcharge for deliveries requested outside of our Business hours (Mon – Sat 10am-11:50pm, Sun 10am-9:500pm). We don’t deliver between 1am and 6am.

For cakes larger than 25 slices we charge an additional $50 fee for special transport arrangements and setup.

2. Why do you require a special charge for cakes larger than 25 slices?
Larger cakes require special transportation and two sometimes three people to carry, transport and deliver the cake. All those costs add up resulting in the surcharge you see.

3. Is pickup free?
Yes, pickup is free.

Return and refund

1. Do you offer refunds?
We only offer refunds at the time of pickup if customer is unhappy with the order.

2. Do you offer refunds with returns?
Yes, if the order is returned undamaged in less than 3 hours from the pickup time, accompanied by receipt, and the customer is unhappy with the order, we offer a full refund.

3. Can I cancel an order already placed and payment processed?
We offer 75% refund to ordered cancelled 7 business days prior to the delivery/pickup date. We offer 50% refund to orders cancelled 72 hours prior to pickup/delivery date. We don’t offer any refunds to orders cancelled less than 72 hours prior to pickup/delivery date.

4. What happens if i don’t like the cake I ordered when I pick it up?
Although we rarely have had issues with our custom orders, if you are unhappy with your order at pickup or delivery, we will offer you 100% refund, no questions asked and remove the cake from your responsibility.

After pick up/delivery questions

1. How do I preserve my cake best?
Each cake is different and has specific preservation instructions. Please read your confirmation email for specific details regarding your cake.

2. Why don’t you have bags for the cake boxes?
We recommend to transport your order in the box we offer and not place it in a bag or leave it unattended during delivery or while using different transportation means because there is a high probability of the order getting damaged while in a bag. We do not offer substitutions or refunds if the order gets damaged while transported.

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