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Ioana Holt is the Founder, General Manager and Head Chef of Rose and Basil, which opened July 2016 in the East Village of New York City. Growing up in Romania, Ioana identified as ‘cook’ even from the tender age of five, when she would follow Mama Stela – her grandmother – everywhere around the kitchen. Years later, Ioana was introduced to the art of creating sweets at the birthing place of the famous Mozart Chocolates, Dallman’s, in the Austrian Alps. She marveled at how sweets heightened our senses and the interplay of flavors, smells and arrangement could provide so much joy. While on her self taught journey, Ioana found that many premixed or popular recipes weren’t predominantly using natural ingredients; refined sugars, over-processed flour, trans fat, colorants and artificial flavors, all harming our bodies and the experience of eating. Ioana set out to not only use the most naturally healthy ingredients, but she also succeed in elevating the flavor, their aesthetic and olfactory aspects. For her, cooking became synonymous with ephemeral works of art.

Ioana Holt

Master Chef

What’s Next

New recipes are coming to the Rose and Basil menu come February: two new cakes, two new truffles and many more surprises! Also, February is the month of Love so get ready for the perfect Valentine Day dinner package in the most romantic restaurant in New York city, all curated and prepared by Ioana. Besides making sure Rose and Basil never get boring, Ioana is also currently working on her first book, Between The Rose and The Basil, a recipe book made out of stories and dedicated to each person inspiring her. The book is looking to hit the shelves in the coming year.

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